DLC: Dystopia of Lackluster Content

Tonight I finished my final campaign through Final Fantasy XV, my focused attempt to gain its Platinum trophy. As I played through the game's many hours of bromantic, roadtripping quips I thought about writing a memoir of sorts to the experience. I pondered why I held the game so dear despite how unpolished the narrative… Continue reading DLC: Dystopia of Lackluster Content

Vir ex Machina

Every reader has that one book; the one that spoke to them, the one that redefined the way they see the world. The message may not be new, but the presentation gets across its core concept in a way nothing had before. That is what I experienced with Quantic Dream's newest title, Detroit: Become Human.… Continue reading Vir ex Machina

The Prodigal Artist

After an extended hiatus, I have decided to return to posting (semi) regularly. My wife and I recently celebrated our first anniversary, allowing me to look back on our marriage thus far; I realized that my attempts to cut myself off from video game creation and appreciation did little to improve our dynamic (in fact… Continue reading The Prodigal Artist

The Virgilante: Sculpting the Lower Body

As I said last week, the lower body is a little beyond my milieu, so this was a bit of a challenge. I spent a couple hours on Pinterest and Google finding good reference images, which helped immensely. Even though I'm still not completely satisfied with the results of this week's sculpting, it has been… Continue reading The Virgilante: Sculpting the Lower Body

The Virgilante: Rethinking the Cloth Simulation

When I last left off, I was considering building Virgilante so that the toga above the waist was all sculpted, and only the skirt section was a cloth simulation. I spent a decent amount of time this week thinking through the obstacles that I would face with the cloth sim, and I ended up changing… Continue reading The Virgilante: Rethinking the Cloth Simulation

The Virgilante: Clothing/Armor Basics

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for not posting last week. Life, as it is wont to do, got a bit hectic. My wonderful wife started a new job, I became determined to tackle the mounting pile of dishes I had neglected for far too long, and various other small tasks prevented me from doing any… Continue reading The Virgilante: Clothing/Armor Basics

Video Games and Art Funding

I certainly didn't start this blog as megaphone for public service announcements, and I wouldn't be reaching many people if I had, but one of my regularly followed YouTube channels brought up a topic that prompted me to discuss my thoughts on the artistry of video games.  I've always had a passion for video games and the… Continue reading Video Games and Art Funding

The Virgilante: Roughing Out the Shapes

It's been a pretty light week for modeling, but I wanted to share the beginnings of my new project, the Virgilante.  What I've done thus far is to block out the major body shapes using UV spheres that I've scaled into different proportions, using mirror modifiers on the arms and legs. Then I began lightly… Continue reading The Virgilante: Roughing Out the Shapes