I am a graduate of Texas Tech University with a BS in Physics and a minor in Mathematics. I have been an avid fan of video games since I first unwrapped my N64 (much to my mother’s chagrin), and have a passion for video game history, mechanics, art, and general design. As such, I have endeavored to train myself to contribute to that industry in the way I feel best suited: 3D character design.

I began toying with Blender in June of 2016, but quickly grew discouraged and set it aside for a couple of months. When I returned with renewed determination, I spent many hours following along with YouTube tutorials before venturing out on my own and relying on googling various issues as much as youtubing new techniques. Since then my focus has wavered occasionally as life intervenes with things like moving and planning weddings, but I work as consistently as possible on bettering my skills.

As implied above, I am recently married to a loving wife who tolerates my obsession with anything game related, and supports my ludicrous efforts to break into the game industry.

As far as how I plan to proceed on this site, I welcome any comments and emails, but will not abide anything lewd or profane. Occasional swearing is fine, but I reserve the right to remove any comment (or delete any email) that I deem has no constructive value or aims merely to be vulgar. I will also freely block repeat offenders from commenting at all.

If any should feel nervous about emailing me, know that I will never give that email address to anyone else, nor will I monetize the use of that email myself. I will take any email sent with honest intent seriously and make an effort to reply as promptly as possible.