The Prodigal Artist

After an extended hiatus, I have decided to return to posting (semi) regularly. My wife and I recently celebrated our first anniversary, allowing me to look back on our marriage thus far; I realized that my attempts to cut myself off from video game creation and appreciation did little to improve our dynamic (in fact it seems to have the reverse effect, since I became decidedly grumpier), and that there have been several other factors that have proven much more effective in terms of our marital bliss. Thankfully, I can say that bliss seems to be a more achievable goal every day.

But to return to the matter at hand, I plan to resume my attempts to post weekly. As a present for those who still follow my progress (or those who happen to stumble upon this post in future), I thought I’d share a piece I have worked on recently. This image was created over a couple of days of work (mostly while my wife was at work on Thanksgiving), and represents my first attempt to create an animation rig and my first trial of Blender’s particle effects system. I present the first image from my (hopefully) first forthcoming game project, Misery and Company.


As usual, I’d like to show my process, but in this first post, since I’m going all the way through the finished image, I’ll simply present this abbreviation of the process.

If you enjoyed this post, keep an eye out for the remaining characters from the game-to-be. In fact, I’ve already begun working on the second playable character.


This little guy is, naturally, made from the same base mesh as Misery, as can be seen from the rain boots I haven’t yet changed. Hopefully he’ll be finished soon, and I will be sure to post an update. I will also continue to work on the Virgilante and post updates for him.

It’s good to be back. Stay tuned.

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