To any who have enjoyed following my progress, I must apologize. This will be my final post. 

Recent events have made clear that I have been neglecting other aspects of my life, and as much as I value art, narrative, interactivity, fantastic alternative realities, and modern culture in general, I value my relationship with my wife more. My single-minded focus has been pointed toward the progression of my skills in game design to the exclusion of all else. This includes my loving wife. Whether by spending time modeling or spending time playing, I have been unintentionally ignoring my wife and letting our relationship wither, which I can no longer permit. 

I cannot simply cut back on my hobbies, for I would find myself sneaking more and more time for them until I found myself writing this same post. This is not a declaration of slowing my progress; this is a break-up of sorts. If I someday find a better balance between my work and my wife, I will gladly post the final stages of the Virgilante, but that is not inn the foreseeable future. 

I thank you all for your support over the last few months, and hope I shall earn it again some day. Until then, farewell. 

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