The Virgilante: Sculpting the Lower Body

As I said last week, the lower body is a little beyond my milieu, so this was a bit of a challenge. I spent a couple hours on Pinterest and Google finding good reference images, which helped immensely. Even though I’m still not completely satisfied with the results of this week’s sculpting, it has been a huge improvement over what I could have done on my own knowledge of anatomy.

The first areas I tackled were the waist and thighs. I began by merging the upper and lower legs with a Boolean modifier to make the transitional area easier to sculpt, then relied on my references to guide me. Funnily enough, the most useful reference I found was a Calvin Klein underwear model, although a study of da Vinci’s was nearly as invaluable. I thought the da Vinci was especially appropriate considering the initial use of the Vitruvian Man to lay out the proportions on this model.


After getting the major muscles sculpted in, I decided they ended up a bit too pronounced, so I went back and smoothed them in a bit to fit the style of the rest of the model a little better. Then I spent a bit more time working on the calves, which I thought looked a little skinny and underwhelming considering the rest of the character.


After a while, I decided to step back from the calves and work on the feet. I planned to come back to the calves after defining the feet a bit. I merged the feet into the rest of the body and used several images of studies of the feet from different angles to guide me. In the end, I feel I’ve still got a bit of fine tuning to go, but the overall shape is decent. I keep going back and forth over whether the feet are scaled appropriately to the body, even after scaling them up a bit  while sculpting.


Finally, I decided to re-examine the calves. From the front, they do look a bit underwhelming, but the back of the calves is sculpted to the right size, so I decided to make things easier on myself. The character is going to have greaves over his shins anyway, so I quickly modeled a pair of them to place over the model, hiding the flaws in the front view (which wouldn’t be seen in the final model anyway).


Overall, this week has proved fairly productive (thanks in no small part to an app I discovered that has helped keep me on track in this and my other life endeavors, LifeRPG). I’m planning on working further on the feet in the coming week, hopefully progressing to the point that I can add the sandals the character will wear. If I have any spare time beyond that, I’ll work on the hands and arms some more.

Until next week.


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