The Virgilante: Rethinking the Cloth Simulation

When I last left off, I was considering building Virgilante so that the toga above the waist was all sculpted, and only the skirt section was a cloth simulation. I spent a decent amount of time this week thinking through the obstacles that I would face with the cloth sim, and I ended up changing my plan slightly (which led to a minor redesign of the character). I was having some trouble visualizing how to model the cloth on the lower part of the body, both because of the fact that it would have to be pinned to the waist at an angle and because it overlapped itself in the back, the area a player would most likely notice if the layers pushed through each other. You can see me struggling a bit in the below images.

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Thus, I ended up deciding that the skirt would be its own cloth simulation and would be shaped more like a classic skirt. The toga would, instead of wrapping around the body a couple times, simply drape from one shoulder under the opposite arm and back up to the initial shoulder. The “cape” section of the toga that drapes over the back will remain the same. After considering this change, (and adding in a belt section), I put in a simple skirt shape (to be refined a bit later).


The next step was to abandon the wrapped toga of the upper body and begin sculpting the armor that will replace it. The toga will end up wrapping over the top of the armor.


After I was satisfied with the approximate shape of the armor, I started working on the hands. After all, they were still the placeholder spheres I had added weeks ago.


So far I’ve just put about 30-45 minutes of work into the hands, but I’m happy with how they’re turning out. Here’s a closer view of them.

My plan for next week is to spend more time with the hands and then jump into sculpting more of the lower body. This will be more challenging for me than the upper body (so many of the drawings and sculptures I’ve done over the years have been head or upper body shots rather than full body studies), so it may be a slow process at first. Nothing a slew of reference images can’t help with, however.

Until next week.

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