The Virgilante: Clothing/Armor Basics

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for not posting last week. Life, as it is wont to do, got a bit hectic. My wonderful wife started a new job, I became determined to tackle the mounting pile of dishes I had neglected for far too long, and various other small tasks prevented me from doing any modeling. I was hoping to push forward this week and make up lost time, but that proved to be impractical. Even so, I did make a decent amount of progress.

When last we left off, I had just given the helmet a better shape, which I realize I didn’t provide a very clear image of. I thought this would be a good place to remedy that.

When I picked up this last week, I started trying to sculpt the chest plate over the main body. I was not entirely pleased with the results.


Since this did not turn out as I had intended, I went back to a prior save file and instead focused on the hip region, which was bothering me. I have since learned that I am much more familiar with how the upper body connects and transitions than I am with the lower body. After a little image research, I ended up merging the hips and chest pieces to better sculpt the right shapes. I still have not done much with the connecting tissue to the thighs, but I am happy with how the midsection looks.


After this, I decided it was time to add the toga shape. It will end up defining most of the character’s silhouette, so I needed to find the right outline for the character. I started with a sculpted shape for the upper body.


Once I had a decent basic shape, I  began to model the bottom of the toga. Since I plan on having the bottom act as a cloth simulation, I tried to create the right shape while being mindful of the topology. Once the shape looks good, I plan to subdivide it a few times and run the simulation.


Also, I added the basic shape of the shoulder and bicep armor on the right arm, further defining the silhouette of the character.


Hopefully next week, the basic outline of the character will be completed and I can begin sculpting the high-res model in earnest. Until then, I hope you have enjoyed seeing my (admittedly slow) progress toward my first game ready model.

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