The Virgilante: Beginning to Sculpt

Another light week for work on my pet project. I began by sculpting some details into the helmet that I ended up very unsatisfied with, so I left that alone for a while and decided to work on the torso. 

First, I added the mechanical arm that can be seen in the above shot, using a few primitive shapes to rough out the outline until I was satisfied. I liked the idea of a sword that folds out of the forearm to replace the hand for vigilante combat, so I worked on making the curve of the blade look good while ensuring it was a length that could fold away like a classical swiss army knife. 

Then I sculpted the torso and arms to prepare myself for fitting the armor on top, and then the toga. I wanted to make sure I had a good base over which the toga could drape. I’ve so far avoided the pelvis and thighs since those will be completely covered by the wrap of the toga, but I plan to go and sculpt them a bit more to get at least a good approximate shape. 

After the torso, I returned to the helmet and started the details essentially from scratch, trying to find shapes that looked good from both the front and the side. In the end the result seems a bit more Greek than Roman, but I think that’s an acceptable sacrifice for finding a shape that looks much better to me. 

Hopefully by next week I’ll have a rough sculpt of the upper body finished, perhaps even with the shapes of the toga draped over the body. 

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