Video Games and Art Funding

I certainly didn't start this blog as megaphone for public service announcements, and I wouldn't be reaching many people if I had, but one of my regularly followed YouTube channels brought up a topic that prompted me to discuss my thoughts on the artistry of video games.  I've always had a passion for video games and the… Continue reading Video Games and Art Funding

The Virgilante: Beginning to Sculpt

Another light week for work on my pet project. I began by sculpting some details into the helmet that I ended up very unsatisfied with, so I left that alone for a while and decided to work on the torso.  First, I added the mechanical arm that can be seen in the above shot, using… Continue reading The Virgilante: Beginning to Sculpt

The Virgilante: Roughing Out the Shapes

It's been a pretty light week for modeling, but I wanted to share the beginnings of my new project, the Virgilante.  What I've done thus far is to block out the major body shapes using UV spheres that I've scaled into different proportions, using mirror modifiers on the arms and legs. Then I began lightly… Continue reading The Virgilante: Roughing Out the Shapes

Depression Depicted: Final

As the title indicates, I finished the final render for this project ahead of schedule. Luckily, the final sculpting went by in almost no time, leaving the majority of the week for my first foray into texturing and rendering. After posting my progress last week, I adjusted the position of the foreground demon, and simply… Continue reading Depression Depicted: Final

Depression Depicted Stage 3

This week finding time to model proved challenging, so my progress was less than I'd hoped; I was planning on finishing my sculpt for today and posting a final render next week, but it seems this will (hopefully) be my penultimate post regarding the sculpting process.  Even so, I eked out enough time to model… Continue reading Depression Depicted Stage 3