Depression Depicted (WIP)


I have set myself a somewhat arbitrary goal of posting once a week to share the state of my current project(s), and so it’s time to reveal a work in progress that I am far from satisfied with at present.

In explanation, I should say that this is an attempt to make a sculpt of my wife. She and I both struggle with anxiety and depression, and that inspired me to create an image of her surrounded by her inner demons. I can’t say I did much in the way of concept sketches except for a quick doodle in my pocket notebook, and even that came after I began the sculpt so I could show my wife. Coincidentally, she has decided she likes the concept, but is less sure about being the subject herself.

Since I am working strictly with a mouse and not a graphics tablet, it has been a struggle to get satisfactory results, but I’m pleased with the progress I’ve made despite being far from finished. Hopefully by next week’s post I will have finished the main sculpt, and be ready to pose and add the demons (which will be sculpted much more simply).

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